Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Review of Keen Denver Mid - Men's - Shoes - Tan

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The only shoe you need for all seven days of the week, the KEEN Denver Mid boot bridges the gap between workspace and backcountry cabin. This men's boot combines a full-grain leather upper thats sharp enough for workday meetings with a laid-back fit to keep wearing through the weekend. Leather ...

One that will Last

By andy from Orem, UT on 2/1/2011


5out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Width: Feels true to width

Pros: Lightweight, Attractive Design, Comfortable, Great Cushioning

Cons: Need Break In

Best Uses: Casual Wear, Wear To Work, Going Out

Describe Yourself: Comfort Driven

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If a shoe is going to last over a year it has to have good leather and good leather has to be broken in. These shoes have good leather and needed breaking in.


Sunday, December 05, 2010


The subject of Differentiation is one I have enjoyed thoroughly.  Looking back at some of my posts it is obvious that some of the subjects have struck a note with me. Rarely am I able to write much about anything, the times that I can I am excited about the subject.  There were three blogs this semester where I put in a significant amount of verb-age.  "Will the Teacher look past me," "Clocks and Cocoons," and "Super Heroes," were the longest and my most passionate posts.  Looking back at them I feel like I forgot all of this when I got to field.  I was much more concerned about impressing my Cooperating teacher, well kind of -no adult can make me be unemphatic to children- but I assumed the position of Student teacher quickly.  There are several students in this class that are being looked over and handed over to resource because of traditional methods. At the time I came in, however, they were doing a push in service with resource where the resource teacher comes into the class room to teach with the Teacher and help those that need her particular help. This gave me hope for the class.  I hope to do a super hero unit with the kids and find ways to help them grow and really enjoy learning.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ten, Diez, Dez, Zehn, Tien, dix, dieci,δέκα,

The best and the worst.
Worst: Trying to figure out how to teach a Math Unit that I myself did not understand. UGHH
Having my supervisor say you need to talk faster I can tell it is part of your personality but you are gonna put those kids to sleep.
The best has been small groups or one on one sessions, when I have actually been able to see the light go on in their heads.  It has been much easier to connect to them one on one.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

#9, number nine, ::::.

As soon as I got to know the students in the class and know their needs, likes, dislikes, and strengths the Learning Contracts kept coming to mind. They still do yet I have not had a chance to talk them over with my cooperating teacher. They differences in this class are vast and great.  It seems silly to try and reach them all with one fits all kind of strategy. At the same time because the differences are so great it would require twenty-seven different plans, that is a lot of work.
The subject that would benefit most from this would be literacy.  Unfortunately and acknowledged by the teacher she is restricted by what the basal program offers more time wise than content.  What I mean is that the teacher is willing to use anything to help them learn more and she does, but she also needs and wants them to do well on their weekly tests that are based on the basal reading program.  The more she uses their format and texts the better the students do on the weekly tests.  

Monday, November 01, 2010

#8 Because Seven is an odd cannibal.

Why is Six scared of Seven? because 7 (8)ate 9.

Of all the strategies we went over in class I liked the Learning menu's the most. I felt like it put the other strategies together in a very usable format.  It also appeals to me because it reminds me of food.
I like that it allows you to vary or differentiate the different aspects of a unit.  Those unit aspects being the "Imperatives", the "Negotiables" and the "Options".  I imagine it would help making clear to the students what is important for them to learn, but still allow them to do it in the way that will benefit them best.  It also seems very easy to change and vary when the plan is not working.

Friday, October 15, 2010

#6 Differentiating

I looked  at Sarah Ahlberg's Blog.     http://lessonsindiffereniation.blogspot.com/     Right away I figured out that I was way off on how I did my last post as far as completing the assignment. Reading through Sarah's post I also had the Tic Tac Toe idea cleared up for me, it is a simple way to organize the options you want to give your students.  I also understood better how much we can differentiate. The possibilities are endless. I liked all of her ideas they were great and very helpful to me.  I also thought that if you were to do it on historical heroes that they needed to know for core content you could go back and having collected their info on the heros make a historic hero Tic Tac Toe review.    

Monday, October 11, 2010


I have always had a deep fascination with science fiction super Heroes.  I have read many books, comic books and movie/TV scripts dealing with "Heroes".   A Hero according to many of those books is someone that saves the day. Someone that overcomes the challenges put before them to succeed at a difficult task.  A Hero to me is someone who not only over comes their own trials but also continually works to better other people, a super hero is someone with an extraordinary talent that they use to help people.
Friendly Benny
Benny "the Leopard" Bean.  As a young boy Benny struggled with the way he looked. He was short, had bright red hair, and freckles.  His classmates noticed his freckles and asked "hey what are those spots?' what are you  a Leopard?" This troubled Benny he didn't know why he had these spots.  He decided he no longer wanted these freckles. When he went to bed that night he hoped, wished, and prayed that he would wake up with smooth Tan skin and few extra inches of height. That night Benny had a dream and in that dream he saw many of his friends from school.  The friends that he thought looked perfect and also one other friend a little girl even shorter than Benny.  This little girl had something else that made her stand out and look very different.  She had crutches she had to use because of the damage done to her legs by Polio. Benny saw this classmate and thought she is happy and look what she has.  The next morning Benny did not care about his freckles.  He no longer worried about what others would call him.

This is a story about my Dad and just one of many that illustrate why I think he is a hero.  In my explanation of a Super Hero is someone with an extraordinary talent that they use to help people.  My dad has a talent to make friends very easily.  He does this by having a genuine and excited interest in the people he meets.  He finds out what they like to do or where they are from and that fact becomes his favorite thing.  He will go home and research about the place or interest and think of all the connections he might have with it. The next time he sees the person he excitedly tells them about his connections and builds more and more connections.  This seems like a pretty powerless ability but time after time Benny has helped the people he meets become happy and excited about what they are doing and succeed in so many things. Benny is not only a hero but a Super Hero.

For Teaching I think I would use the Tiered Character Map to have students explore mine and other author's heroes. Then have them build their own hero for a story.