Monday, November 01, 2010

#8 Because Seven is an odd cannibal.

Why is Six scared of Seven? because 7 (8)ate 9.

Of all the strategies we went over in class I liked the Learning menu's the most. I felt like it put the other strategies together in a very usable format.  It also appeals to me because it reminds me of food.
I like that it allows you to vary or differentiate the different aspects of a unit.  Those unit aspects being the "Imperatives", the "Negotiables" and the "Options".  I imagine it would help making clear to the students what is important for them to learn, but still allow them to do it in the way that will benefit them best.  It also seems very easy to change and vary when the plan is not working.

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Teacherheart said...

Great choice! And, the newest version of Microsoft Word has a real "MENU" template, so you can actually design clever and appealing "layouts" that kids will love! 4 points