Sunday, December 05, 2010


The subject of Differentiation is one I have enjoyed thoroughly.  Looking back at some of my posts it is obvious that some of the subjects have struck a note with me. Rarely am I able to write much about anything, the times that I can I am excited about the subject.  There were three blogs this semester where I put in a significant amount of verb-age.  "Will the Teacher look past me," "Clocks and Cocoons," and "Super Heroes," were the longest and my most passionate posts.  Looking back at them I feel like I forgot all of this when I got to field.  I was much more concerned about impressing my Cooperating teacher, well kind of -no adult can make me be unemphatic to children- but I assumed the position of Student teacher quickly.  There are several students in this class that are being looked over and handed over to resource because of traditional methods. At the time I came in, however, they were doing a push in service with resource where the resource teacher comes into the class room to teach with the Teacher and help those that need her particular help. This gave me hope for the class.  I hope to do a super hero unit with the kids and find ways to help them grow and really enjoy learning.