Monday, October 11, 2010


I have always had a deep fascination with science fiction super Heroes.  I have read many books, comic books and movie/TV scripts dealing with "Heroes".   A Hero according to many of those books is someone that saves the day. Someone that overcomes the challenges put before them to succeed at a difficult task.  A Hero to me is someone who not only over comes their own trials but also continually works to better other people, a super hero is someone with an extraordinary talent that they use to help people.
Friendly Benny
Benny "the Leopard" Bean.  As a young boy Benny struggled with the way he looked. He was short, had bright red hair, and freckles.  His classmates noticed his freckles and asked "hey what are those spots?' what are you  a Leopard?" This troubled Benny he didn't know why he had these spots.  He decided he no longer wanted these freckles. When he went to bed that night he hoped, wished, and prayed that he would wake up with smooth Tan skin and few extra inches of height. That night Benny had a dream and in that dream he saw many of his friends from school.  The friends that he thought looked perfect and also one other friend a little girl even shorter than Benny.  This little girl had something else that made her stand out and look very different.  She had crutches she had to use because of the damage done to her legs by Polio. Benny saw this classmate and thought she is happy and look what she has.  The next morning Benny did not care about his freckles.  He no longer worried about what others would call him.

This is a story about my Dad and just one of many that illustrate why I think he is a hero.  In my explanation of a Super Hero is someone with an extraordinary talent that they use to help people.  My dad has a talent to make friends very easily.  He does this by having a genuine and excited interest in the people he meets.  He finds out what they like to do or where they are from and that fact becomes his favorite thing.  He will go home and research about the place or interest and think of all the connections he might have with it. The next time he sees the person he excitedly tells them about his connections and builds more and more connections.  This seems like a pretty powerless ability but time after time Benny has helped the people he meets become happy and excited about what they are doing and succeed in so many things. Benny is not only a hero but a Super Hero.

For Teaching I think I would use the Tiered Character Map to have students explore mine and other author's heroes. Then have them build their own hero for a story.


Denam family said...

Well said

Beingandy said...

Wow I so missed the boat on this assignment. But the Blog was worth doing anyway. So to add on to the assignment aspect of differentiation. I mentioned briefly the Tiered Character Maps I found them in the Combination Strategy Unit folder. Although it is a worksheet I think it lays the ground work for the differentiated levels each level helps the students look for descriptors of the character high is example characteristics and the reason they were given to the hero. level; looks, and actions. below: things the character said. I like this as a base to get the students thinking about how we get to know people in stories. These would all help with comprehension.

Teacherheart said...

I didn't mind reading about your hero... at all! After all, this is a blog, and everyone loves to be inspired. I was! I'm impressed that you came back, though, and updated this to match the assignment. Good for you... I would actually have given you full credit for just the brief line at the end... BUT, I am glad you came back and elaborated. 4 points