Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lil' ol' me

1. TUESDAY, by David Wiesner.  Is a book I would love to use in my future classroom.  It is just pictures through out the story, and I would like to get kids reaction to it as just a picture book, and also as a framework for their own story that they would put to the pictures.
2. As of right now my three favorite TV shows are Heroes, American Chopper, and the Dog Whisperer.  These I watch at my mom's if I am there and have the remote in my power, or on My computer at home through Netflix.  We don't currently have a TV hooked up at my place so if I watch something it is something I choose to watch.
3. I collect musical instruments, and fun things to draw, as for instruments I have a tenor banjo, 3 guitars, an electric bass, a broken cavaquinho, harmonicas in the Keys of G, C, and D, an aluminum  djembae, shakers, boom sticks, whistles, and some other stuff.  I love music and love to learn new instruments and styles of music.  I feel like it gives me an intimate access to cultures that are shut off otherwise.  I am also helping my friend Paul Overson with his collection of big professional audio gear this also gives me an in to other musicians and cultures. My other collection consists of toys and light bulbs, bottles, all kinds of knik knaks....  Oh and I also have an international money collection it is still pretty small.
4. I keep an idea journal with drawings and writings of things I want to make or explore.
5. I would sponsor any art and or music appreciation club 1st I'd be all over that.  Then World Peace 2nd, and Ecology/ Tree hugging third ( I am a hippy at heart.)
6.  I have both taken and given art classes out side of school.  Some Sculpture and animation etc.
7.  I took piano lessons when i was 8 until 10 years old, I then pick up guitar and took lessons when I was 15 and 16.  I have had three different rock bands I have played with and two I recorded with.  The first Lyra's Landscape I wrote some of the songs for.  The second The Moon Boots I just played bass for.  I have also played off and on with some folky singer song writers, with hose I have played banjo and slide guitar, and some back up vocals.  I have had song writers block for a while I also call it no time to spare.
8. NO and NOOOO, I can't get past my self criticism long enough to make my two left feet do anything.  But I have done a little Capoeira the brazilian dance fighting.
9. No, I have done sound for some plays and my wife loves doing musicals. She is now a drama specialist at Saratoga Shores Elementary.
10. I have a bachelor's degree in Fine Art Illustration and have done a few small illustration projects here and there.  I am an art teacher going through the back door or maybe it's the front door but I am putting on a Core Teacher Disguise.  I want to become the best integrated arts teacher ever, and then teach others how to do it even better.

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Teacherheart said...

Wow! What an amazing plan you're working... I believe you WILL be the best integrating arts teacher around. Wow! Lucky kids, in whatever you decide to teach! I think you'll really like differentiating content, processes, and products for students' learning profiles and for their interest. It's likely something you already do (or think about) just because of your sense of teaching and learning. And, to top everything off, my husband and I LOVE Paul Overson. Talented guy! 4 points